Other Health Care Professionals

At Hernes Nest House, we work closely with other health care professionals, including our local GP and District Nurse, as well as the Wyre Forest Admissions and Preventions Team and Kemp Hospice, who offer support to relatives or staff when needed. Domicilliary dentists, opticians, a podiatrist, and audiologist are other support professionals offering our residents their services.

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Residential Care in the beautiful, historic riverside town of Bewdley

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Our staff are trained to the highest standard, providing excellent quality of care whilst respecting residents’ dignity and privacy at all times. At Hernes Nest House, we put our residents’ needs central to the care we provide, with accurate care plans that are regularly reviewed and updated. Working closely with residents’ family members our staff are able to assist residents to lead happy, active and purposeful lives.

Staff are trained in Dementia awareness. Through continuous training, regular workshops and planned activities with our Dementia Specialists, our priority is to help residents affected live well with dementia. Most importantly, our staff are compassionate and caring, comforting and reassuring, providing our residents with a safe and loving environment.


Hernes Nest House, Herne's Nest, Bewdley, Worcestershire DY12 2ET

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